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Welcome to Edge on the Square, the contemporary art hub located at the heart of San Francisco Chinatown. Our year-round programming is designed to bring together creators and educators for a well-rounded cultural experience. Our space welcomes Asian American artists for our twice annual art exhibitions and our signature annual contemporary art festival, as well as music events and community gatherings that foster cultural exchange and understanding.


We are passionate about providing a platform for Asian American artists to showcase their work and we are proud to support local merchants in the process. Our goal is to inspire and engage visitors through our diverse range of events and programming. Come and explore Chinatown with us through art!

Photo courtesy of the Mahjong Project.PNG

Mahjong Night

Join us this Thursday, February 29th, for Mahjong Night!

In collaboration with The Mahjong Project, Edge will host an evening of mahjong that gathers the community for playful games and dynamic conversation. The engaging interactions that are sure to take place will reimagine Edge as a site of interplay between history telling and making.

Image courtesy of The Mahjong Project

Call for Artists!

Are you an artist with a passion for transforming blank walls into vibrant, captivating masterpieces? Edge on the Square’s Mural Project is a unique opportunity for collaborative artistic expression, by and for the community. We are currently seeking artists to share their creative vision for our mural wall facing Clay Street.


Let your art become an integral part of Chinatown, inspiring and engaging all who encounter it. Artists of all backgrounds with a connection to San Francisco Chinatown are encouraged to apply. Bring color to our streets and tell stories with us!

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Our Theory of Change

Edge shifts the dominant narrative of the immigrant experience by:

  • Expanding knowledge and awareness of a “critical” immigrant story

  • Being a strong voice for immigrants with an uplifting narrative

  • Being the touchstone that holds the brand and a welcoming space to spark dialogues

Edge will become a sustainable socio-economic engine for Chinatown by:

  • Providing stellar programs that motivate the public to visit, explore, and experience Chinatown

  • Engaging with communities to build relationships and networks that amplify our collective voice and power


Edge widens the aperture of the human experience through:

  • Empowerment, creativity, and optimism

  • Sharpening tools to initiate and engage in meaningful discourse, build self-awareness, exercise agency, and activate social transformation

  • Promoting attitudes of inclusivity, cultural curiosity, constructive exchange

See You Soon!


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