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Reparations have been a hot-button topic in the United States for years, igniting passionate debates and exposing deep-seated divisions within society. Recent developments in Evanston, Illinois, where the city implemented the nation's first government-funded reparations program, and inversely, in San Francisco, where Mayor London Breed's veto have sparked renewed discussions, only underscoring the urgency and complexity of the issue.


Working with Chinese for Affirmative Action, this six-page bilingual zine aims to assist in clarifying confusion about reparations in San Francisco, the history of Black communities in the Bay Area, and why reparations are not only significant to Black communities, but all communities. This zine, WHAT ARE REPARATIONS?, is the first of two; The second zine will come out in the later half of 2024.

About Katie Quan 

(she/her), born and raised on Ramaytush Ohlone land (now known as San Francisco), is a third generation Chinese American. She is an artist, community advocate, curator, storyteller, and educator. Her comics and illustrations capture the multidimensionality of Asian America, exploring themes like self identity, mental health, and family. Katie is also the creator of REALSOUL, a curriculum-based arts organization that focuses on making BIPOC stories intersectional, interdisciplinary, and accessible to learners of all ages. Her work has been exhibited at SF Zinefest, Kearny Street Workshop’s APAture, A PLACE of Her Own, and Chinese Historical Society of America. In 2023, she was awarded CAC’s Individual Artist Fellowship as an Emerging Artist. She currently serves on the advisory board to the AAWAA and newsletter editor to the Square and Circle Club. She works with Chinese for Affirmative Action.

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