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Farhana Sobhan Shama, Where is your place in the RESISTANCE?

This piece is a depiction of South Asian activists in the Bay Area who are members of ASATA. The piece is a celebration of the work ASATA has done over the years in the Bay Area. Personal items such as fabrics, magazines, jewelry and other artifacts were submitted by folks as ASATA which were incorporated on the canvas. I worked collaboratively with each person who submitted materials to make sure each person consented to the ways their material was used in an appropriate and honoring way. Each of the collaborator's stories were captured in an Instagram account for additional context. 

About Farhana Sobhan Shama

(she/her/সে) is a queer Muslim Bangladeshi-American psychotherapist, Expressive Arts therapist and artist located in the Bay Area. She weaves together multimodal expressive arts tools such as visual, music, dance/movement, literary arts, and play in her work with clients, both individually or in groups. Farhana often incorporates art to aid in processing trauma as it can bypass the intellectualization of a traumatic event and encourage quicker processing. Farhana loves to do collaborative art to expand the narrative of art as process and community building rather than something that's to be owned or purchased. Farhana believes that each person is born an artist and has the innate ability to create and express themselves. She works with Alliance of South Asians Taking Action.

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