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Dohee Lee

Dohee Lee, Ritual on the Road - (칠성 Chilseong- Waterways, Time Weaves)

Ritual on the Road - (칠성 Chilseong- Waterways, Time Weaves) is a multidisciplinary ritual performance involving movement, storytelling, music, and diasporic ceremony.  Dohee Lee presents the ritual performance as an offering and symbolic commitment to ongoing justice and collective healing for all who have been and continue to be impacted by systems of oppression and colonial violence. Through the inclusion of diverse stories, the performance constructs a ‘historical’ timeline that connects to both the present and the future. 


As part of the ritual performance Ritual on the Road, Dohee Lee has created an altar installation to remain onsite at Edge on the Square as a tribute to ancestors. Dohee Lee invites visitors to honor their ancestors by way of sharing and listening to stories (including those untold and unheard) so that we may resist and heal from the ongoing impacts of oppression.


You are invited to honor your ancestors by answering one or more of the prompts below on a prayer flag, and attaching it on the wall behind the altar:


  1. Write an ancestor’s name. 

  2. Where is your ancestral land? 

  3. What ancestral histories are carried over to our current day? What emotions emerge that are connected to this history? 

  4. Who do you want to pray for?

  5. What is your prayer for the world? 

About Dohee Lee 

(she/they) Artistic Director for Asian Refugees United, weaves her multiple virtuosities in drumming, dancing, and singing into immersive ritualized theatrical creations. Born on Jeju Island, Korea, she trained at the master-level in music and dance styles rooted in Korean shamanism. In 1998, Dohee moved to Oakland, California, to create a new art form. Since then, she has become an award-winning traditional and contemporary arts performer, collaborating with Kronos Quartet, Anna Halprin, inkBoat, Degenerate Art Ensemble and many others. Dohee's work ranges from solo performances to full-scale theater productions. Dohee utilizes cutting-edge wearable wireless controller technology to seamlessly integrate acoustic and electronic sounds, video projections, dance, vocals and rhythm. She emphasizes the mythical, experimental, ritualistic, historical and healing aspects of performance and installation, catalyzing new relationships between identity, nature, spirituality, and the political. Recent Awards include: 2020 Svane Foundation Artwork Commission; 2019 East Bay Community Foundation; 2018 Guggenheim Fellowship; 2018 NEFA National Dance Project Production Grant; 2018 MAP Fund; 2017 Hewlett 50 Arts Commission in Music.


Dohee is accompanied by dancers Emily Encina, laura ann coelho, Sapho Flor, Sol Rhee, Forest Lin, Katie Tao, Seh-reum Tom, Dongyi Wu, Justine Xu, Rebekah Sze-Tung Olstad, Frances Cachapero, JaeEun Jun, Mơ Trần, Mi Kyong Kim

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