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Edge on the Square

About the Role

Edge on the Square is currently looking for volunteers to support us with our upcoming events in late September. We are looking for someone who can commit long term (even after our biggest events), has a love and passion for the arts, and is invested in AAPI narratives and Chinatown. The ideal volunteer is someone who is well rounded, can problem solve, and is able to communicate clearly with both staff and incoming visitors. Contact Maria at


About Edge

In the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown, Edge On The Square (Edge) is a place-based
cultural hub that celebrates, explores, and supports leading and pioneering creative
expressions at the intersection of community, art, and multi-racial democracy.

Edge on the Square, an initiative of CMAC, produces artistic programs with civic engagement
to shape the cultural, social, and historical fabric of our lives. We believe in the emancipatory
power of art and its ability to catalyze community-building, cross-cultural solidarity, and
collective arising. Our aim is to shift, uplift and widen the aperture of the global diaspora and
cross-cultural narratives, experiences, and intergenerational histories. We engage with art and
storytelling as instruments to expand our capacity to convey humanity as is and to ignite our
imaginative vision of what could be. Affirming the power and continuum of art and the way it
permeates the everyday, Edge on the Square is dedicated to reach across demographic
boundaries through spotlighting diverse perspectives, practicing collaboration, and opening
possibilities for new worlds. We are committed to amplifying underrepresented voices by
offering a platform to express, create, and actively participate in the shaping of a more
equitable, just, and joyful world for all.

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